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Basic Information

Official  :  ITERA Building (c 209), South Lampung, Lampung ,Indonesia

Email : oail@itera.ac.id

Operational hour : Monday to Friday

The Rules of Visit

The visitors are expected to:

  • Arrive on time, Delays of more than 30 minutes can be subject to canceled visit sanctions.
  • Come according to the number registered. Additions without permission from IAO may be subject to sanctions for cancellation of visits
    maintain cleanliness and order while visiting the observatory.
  • Wear neat and polite clothes (for students wearing school uniforms).
  • Park a bus or other large vehicle in the space provided.
  • During a night visit do not take pictures using a flash light.
  • No smoking in the area
  • ITERA Astronomical Observatory has the right to cancel the visit unilaterally if at the same time an internal activity takes place.

Visitor’s Information (For public use)

Opening hours : Monday to Friday  08.00 am – 11.00 am.

Star watching hours: Monday to Friday 19.00 pm – 22.00 pm.

*need reservation.

*The observation will not be held if it is cloudy or rainy.

* Event schedule may change.



Explanation of Telescope and Space Education, duration about 45 minutes.

Daytime Star watching using a telescope, duration about 60 minutes.



Admission fee

Groups (over 30 persons)RP 10.000 for each students and Admission free for teachers



The visitors will get snack and mineral water during activities.


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