"Unit Pelaksana Teknis Observatorium Astronomi ITERA Lampung"


Astronomy Education for School

Using telescopes for directly viewing object and offers a glimpse the mysteries of the universe. The purpose of this activity is to stimulates the use of astronomy for teaching and education at the school level. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.



Astronomy Education for School Coordinator


Astronomy Education for School

The main purpose of Astronomy Education is to introduce the beauty of the universe through activities that are fun and inspire them about life in the universe.

The first project of this activity took place in 2017 by conducting learning activities and observing such as observing the Sun and Moon. The activity program and educational materials developed by the ITERA Astronomical Observatory are designed to be able to cover such topics of astronomy and science that are relevant in everyday life or found in formal educational content. Activities such as observing the Sun and the night sky using a telescope are often the first experiences of Indonesian children in contact with astronomy. In addition, the activities is expected to open new horizons about themselves, their place on earth and the universe.

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Current Moon Phase

Full Moon
Full Moon

The moon is currently in Capricorn
The moon is 14 days old

Distance: 59 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: -1 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 287 degrees
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