"Unit Pelaksana Teknis Observatorium Astronomi ITERA Lampung"



Mastery of space science and technology is a challenge for Indonesia. ITERA, ITB and the Lampung provincial government set up an 30Ha observatory located in the Wan Abdul Rahman forest park, Gunung Betung, Lampung, Indonesia. The construction of the observatory is based on:

  •  The lack of a number of observatories in the equator.
  •  Lack of land (30%) from the ocean (70%).
  •  The Gunung Betung region has fulfilled the requirements for astronomical observations.


ITERA Astronomical Observatory, Earth and Space Sciences Education Center in Sumatra (IAO-ESSECS)  is an space laboratory to support the Three Dharma College activities in the Atmospheric and planetary Science Study Program. During the construction of educational and research activities carried out on the campus of the Sumatra Institute of Technology.

The existence of the IAO-ESSECS has the main objectives including:

  • Technology development for astronomical progress in Sumatra island
  • Promote astronomy education and observing experiences.
  • Support and improve the use of astronomy as a tool for education.
  • Support and improve an astronomy community, professional and amateur astronomers.
  • Facilitate the preservation and protection of the Lampung’s cultural and natural.


Location of ITERA Astronomical Observatory

IAO’s headquarter office is located at the Sumatra Institute of Technology, South Lampung, which is where administrative works are carried out. The Astronomical Observatory of Lampung is located at the top of Mount Betung, until now the Observatory is still under construction.




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Full Moon

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Ecliptic longitude: 287 degrees
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