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The Department of Itera Astronomical Observatory was established at Sumatra Institute of Technology. The aim of the department is to support atmospheric and planetary sciences study program to carry out research in technology and space sciences. In addition the functions of the department are as a center astronomy education for school in Lampung and to increase public awareness of the meaning technology and space sciences.


  • Department Head : Dr. Hakim L Malasan
  • Email : hakim.malasan@itera.ac.id



There are nine members IAO Department with diverse backgrounds such as Subseasonal to Decadal Climate Variability and Climate Modelling, Astronomy Instrumentation and Stellar Physics, Space Weather, Natural Hazard Disaster, and Artificial Intelegent, Chemical Atmospheric Science , Electrical Instrumentation, Artificial Intelegent, Satellite Technology and Measurements, Galaxy Physics and Cosmology, Education.

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Dr. Hakim L. Malasan, M.Sc

Kepala UPT Observatorium Astronomi ITERA Lampung 

Robiatul Muztaba,S.Si.,M.Si

Sekretaris UPT OAIL

Annisa Novia Indra Putri, S.Si.,M.Si
Koordinator Perencanaan UPT OAIL

Nindhita Pratiwi,S.Si.,M.Si

Koordinator Kegiatan UPT OAIL


Administrasi Umum UPT OAIL

Juwita Indrya Saputra,S.Pt.

Administrasi Umum UPT OAIL

Left to right: Robiatul Muztaba S.Si.,M.Si, Wahyu Sasongko Putro S.T.,M.Sc, Wirid Birastri S.Si.,M.Si, Dr.Hakim L Malasan, Juwita Indrya Saputra, S.Pt, Nindita Pratiwi S.Si,M.Si, Destriyadi S.Pd.



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