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Barride Telescopes

Telescope Name         : Barride
number                       : 10
Telescope type        : Refraktor
Mounting type         : Ekuatorial
Diameter                   : 9cm
Fokus                          : 110 cm
focal Ratio                : f/10

Barride Telescope is the first telescope found at the ITERA Astronomical Observatory. it’s a gift from the Ministry of Culture and Education through the Astronomy Olympic Training Team

Barride Telescope included in the category of refractors (using lenses) and consists of 2 main telescopes and 1 search telescope.  Diameter of the main telescope is 9 cm with a focal length of almost 110 cm, and a search telescope. it’s can observe several celestial objects such as the Sun.

Until now, it’s used for educational activities on astronomical tourism carried out by  ITERA Astronomical Observatory.



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