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The goal? To catch a sip of her urine.


You can use your computer’s programs and applications, read and send email, edit files and access network resources the same as if you were at your desk

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Sie meinte es hat nie nie gebrannt und es war immer sehr angenehm auf der Haut und in Rumnien war das seit den 60ern ein Heilmittel wenn die Haut gezwickt hat

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Even if there were, assigning blame does little to work toward solutions

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to paint something, I like to use the best materials and do my best work,” he said, “We’re

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Why the safeway corporation makes the cashiers say your last name when you pay never ceases to amaze me

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Diante da “galeria” de santos da Companhia de Jesus, voltamos o nosso olhar, talvez, para o mais simples e humilde dos Irmos: Santo Afonso Rodrigues

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Information on indication carried on package and leaflet insert of imported drug product shall not differ from that in other countries, and in particular the country of origin of the product,

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The level of testosterone is significantly decreasing, though it quite quickly comes to normal

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Evidence from clinical trials suggests that Rexulti is effective at dosages between 2 mg and 4 mg for the treatment of schizophrenia, and at 2 mg (as an adjunct) for major depressive disorder

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think Blaise - Blaise would have said no This … uh, as a patient, utterly horrifying is an understatement,

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part it’s a waste of money and getting an NIE is part of the experience of becoming an Ibiza worker