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A self-avowed delusional radical marxist as Green Czar? What were you thinking Obama? Oh, I forgot--budding socialist dictators always surround themselves with like-minded henchmen

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pain all around Years ago, one of my good friends said to me, “there is nothing complicated about

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The FDA shut down these pharmacies

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allies in the region and violence pouring over Syria's borders with its neighbors in Iraq and Lebanon continues increase.

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“non-defining”, or “non-indentifying” clauses) are set off by a comma and the

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problems or vertigo may be helped briefly by prescription medications such as antihistamines, anticholinergics

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I’d like as many people as possible to see it in the hopes that it both helps people who need drugs to alleviate their pain and people who would like to, or are working to, change the system.

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