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These catch me unawares and the only way I can describe it is to say it feels like someone just put a livestock shock prod to the side of my head

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This talk shouldn’t let us stray off course – and that is, to actively manage our portfolios in these choppy waters

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Imperial China developed sophisticated technologies while neglecting science, and it is all too easy to imagine a society that embraces technology but represses science, until only technology remains

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To play MLB baseball is a honor and the players who represent the league should not be known cheaters

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I don’t want her to stay in Delhi because it is so dangerous now and I have been thinking about sending her back to my village to stay with my parents, one father told me

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The Committee will also advise on any regulations to be proposed underthe law.

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Investors and securitization firms like Redwood Trust and Two Harbors have been eager for the opportunity to show what they can do when they don't have to compete with the federal government

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Another “manual” technique to control ejaculation is by pressing a pressure point between the scrotum and anus